Solid Biofuels Laboratory
CBE’s Specialized Solid Biofuels Laboratory develops its activity in sample preparation, physicochemical characterization and development of R&D work in the field of solid biofuels.  
BIOMASUD quality label

Is the quality label of the solid biofuels for non-industrial purposes that will be used in small-medium boilers, stoves, or bigger installations but with a need of quality guaranties because of its location. 

ENplus certification for woodpellets

The new quality seal ENplus includes the whole chain for woodpellets – from production till delivery to the final customer, therefore ensuring high quality as well as transparency.

Minuto Verde

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The Biomass Centre for Energy was created in 1988 through a project launched by the Secretary of State for Energy. This project was included in the national energy policy, namely within the energy diversification and the use of natural resources in Portugal.

The Biomass Centre for Energy is a non profit, privately owned, scientific and technical association for technological support and development. It’s endowed with public utility, juridical independence and technical, administrative and financial autonomy, providing its owns assets.

CBE has been functioning for more than 20 years in the area of biomass for energy purposes as well as a broad curriculum of national and European cooperation studies. This experience allows a scientific and technical expertise in biomass issues.